Little War Classic Revival

  And we are back online… You can now play Classic mode again. We changed the database system, so fresh start for all players. Enjoy boys and girls! Download link: New WhatsApp group:  

little war online gameplay

Little War Online: Download Early Access!

Little War Online is now available for early access! We are still adding a lot of things to the game but you can now play it. Meet new friends and adventure up to level 30. Pick your character and build it up. Become a legend! Download Links: Cheers!

little war online item system

Little War Online: Item System Ready!

Hello fellas, how are you all? In the photo you can see the different tooltip styles. There are 4 types of magic levels: Common, Magic, Rare and Legendary. Each magic level adds more attributes to the item. There are different kinds of items too, armors, boots, helmets and different weapons. Read +:

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12 days for Little War Online Beta

  Only 12 days for beta! What to expect: * 3 servers (South America, North America, Europe) * 6 classes (Knight, Archer, Paladin, Warrior, Necromancer, Lancer) * Arena System (1v1, 2v2, 3v3) * Auto Party System * Level up to lvl 10 (lvl max 20) * Create your custom build, stats system * 2 skills […]