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Little War Online: Download Early Access!

Little War Online is now available for early access! We are still adding a lot of things to the game but you can now play it. Meet new friends and adventure up to level 30. Pick your character and build it up. Become a legend! Download Links: Cheers!

little war online item system

Little War Online: Item System Ready!

Hello fellas, how are you all? In the photo you can see the different tooltip styles. There are 4 types of magic levels: Common, Magic, Rare and Legendary. Each magic level adds more attributes to the item. There are different kinds of items too, armors, boots, helmets and different weapons. Read +:

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12 days for Little War Online Beta

  Only 12 days for beta! What to expect: * 3 servers (South America, North America, Europe) * 6 classes (Knight, Archer, Paladin, Warrior, Necromancer, Lancer) * Arena System (1v1, 2v2, 3v3) * Auto Party System * Level up to lvl 10 (lvl max 20) * Create your custom build, stats system * 2 skills […]