Here is some of our games & apps

Kaion Tale

Main feature: MMORPG

Our greatest hit! Kaion Tale  is a crossplatform MMORPG. Featuring fastpaced targetless combat. Soon available on Android, iOS, PC, OSX, Linux & Web. Recent belic encounters have unleashed a new era of war between the Draxians and the Naru. Stand together with the noble Draxian warriors, those who fight for justice and order.

Little War ONLINE

Main feature: MMORPG

little war online

Our oler game ! Little War Online was the first series of our MMOs. It now has been migrated to Kaion Tale.


Shatter of Serenity

Main feature: TOWER DEFENSE

Shatter of Serenity RTS was the first game on the Little War Saga. Featuring real time strategy aspects mixed with a tower defense game.

Choose between the noble Draxians or the fierce Naru in this great war story!

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Shake Them All 2 Live Wallpaper

Main feature: GRAVITY


With Shake Them All 2 fun is guaranteed! Enjoy shaking the androids on your device screen, tap them and experience real gravity.

As all of our wallpapers is fully customizable, with different themes and backgrounds.

If you don’t want to set it up as a wallpaper, you can run it as an app!!

For a deeper description follow the links below! Give it a try now!

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Stickman Wallpaper



  You know Live wallpapers are kind of boring, that’s why we reinvented live wallpapers!!

  Stickman wallpaper represents the world of stick people, going through epic battles to stickmen lifestyles.

  Also the stick people that populate the different places are well known characters (Dragon Ball, Star Wars, League      of Legends, Santa Claus, etc!)

   For a deeper description follow the links below! Give it a try now!

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Blow Them All (Live wallpaper)



Here we have a different live wallpaper concept.

Blow them All is actually a Live Wallpaper-Game where crazy androids pass through your screen, but the fun part    comes when you touch them!

Also integrating different backgrounds, and cool features like sounds, achievements and a world-wide leaderboard.

So why not give it a try? For a deeper description follow the links below!

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Blow Them All (The Game)



  We love so much Blow Them All LWP that we created The Game!

  Now with challenging levels and a new leaderboard!!

  Endless game mode for boring times.

  As usual cool backgrounds, themes and more!

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